Principal Investigators

Leading Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Pol Besenius
Prof. Dr. Katja Heinze
Prof. Dr. Carsten Streb (Speaker)
Prof. Dr. Eckhard Thines (Co-Speaker)


Principal Investigators
Pol Besenius Electrode coating, self-organizing systems
Holger Frey Polymers from renewables, incorporation of CO2
Dandan Gao Nanostructured functional materials for sustainable and green chemistry
Jürgen Gauss Theoretical chemistry
Katja Heinze Photochemistry, electron transfer, metal catalysis Chemistry
Thorsten Hoffmann Mass spectrometric studies, electrode fouling
Christoph Kerzig Photochemistry, optical spectroscopy, green chemistry
Till Opatz Xylo- and photochemistry, natural product synthesis
Eva Rentschler Magnetic materials based on earth-abundant metals
Siegfried R. Waldvogel Electro-synthesis, electro-conversion of renewables
Johannes M. Wahl Reactivity of strained molecules, biologically active molecules
Carsten Streb Molecular metal oxides for challenges in sustainable energy
Ralf Heermann Biotechnology, metabolism of bacteria
Stefan Jacob Biotechnology/-process, manipulation of fungi
Eckhard Thines Biotechnology/-process, molecular manipulation of fungi