The following projects are associated with the Top-level Research Area SusInnoScience:


Project name Funded by
SPP 2240 eBiotech
(project: NGeCascades – Next Generation electroenzy-matic cascades for complex molecules)
ECHELON – Disruptive Electrode Electrolyte Approaches beyond Contemporary Limitations Carl Zeiss Stiftung
ETOS – Electrifying Technical Organic Synthesis Zukunftscluster-Initiative des BMBF
SPP 2102 Light-controlled reactivity of metal complexes DFG
FOR 2982 UNODE – Unusual anODE reactions in electrochemical energy conversion: Value creation rather than oxygen evolution in hydrogen production DFG
SElectiveLi – Conceptual Study of Electrochemical based novel process using Lignosulfonates to produce biobased monomers & polymers EU (Horizon 2020)
EBIO – Biofuels through Electrochemical transformation of intermediate BIO-liquids EU (Horizon 2020)